Three top ways to cool your home!

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The Australian Window Association (AWA) estimates that up to 87% of a home’s heat is gained through its windows! Besides having the air-conditioning constantly running during hot weather (which can get expensive and is not a good use of electricity), there’s other very effective ways to help cool down your home. Good window and door

Keeping mozzies and other insects at bay!

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North Coast Blinds and Security - Mozzie Screens - Sunshine Coast

Even though it’s not officially Summer yet, last week’s blistering temperatures on the Sunshine Coast, gave us a real taste of the type of weather we can expect this Summer. Unfortunately, the warmer weather also brings the return of mosquitoes and other nasty biting insects. And while mozzies and their bites are largely a nuisance,

Doggie door

We love our furry four-legged friends here at North Coast Blinds & Security, and we’ve had lots of experience in fitting “doggie doors” for our customers and their pets. We only use the best when it comes to pet doors which is why we use an Australian product called PetwayR Pet Access Doors that are

CRIM Safe - Cottee Parker,  Brisbane on February 14, 2018. Picture-Patrick Hamilton

Crimsafe has just released a benchmark new product called Crimsafe iQ™, which boasts the claim of being Australia’s strongest stainless steel security door.   This claim has been backed up rigorous testing,resulting in this new product passing one of the toughest burglar resistance testing programs in the world.   North Coast Blinds & Security is registered

Shutters make a fabulous addition to any home.  They are classy, easy to use and enable you to control the amount of light and ventilation coming into your home at all times of the year! At North Coast Blinds & Security we are the Sunshine Coast experts on fitting shutters in a range of materials

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If you’re thinking of installing security doors or screens in your home, it’s wise to do your research to ensure that the product you are purchasing will do what it claims to, in terms of protecting your home. As a trusted manufacturer and installer of Crimsafe, North Coast Blinds & Security understands the big difference


One of the most exciting things about building a new house is getting to choose the furnishings, colour schemes and other interior elements that will define your home and make it unique. This includes window furnishings, and with a huge range of products available to choose from, it’s good to know the benefits of each

Crimsafe safe-s-cape

The Australian Window Association (AWA) estimates 40% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows and up to 87% of a home’s heat is gained through windows. And with electricity prices rising, choosing energy efficient fittings has never been more important. Crimsafe screens have undergone a range of energy efficiency testing and have been

Cleaning Venetians - North Coast Blinds and Security

Wooden Venetians are a popular addition to many homes but like any window covering, they do accumulate dust and dirt. At North Coast Blinds & Security, we use a few easy cleaning tips and tricks that will help you keep your wooden venetians looking good. Unlike other venetians, wooden venetians need to be cleaned in

North Coast Blinds and Security - Mozzie Screens - Sunshine Coast

With the weather warming up on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll notice that mosquitoes and other biting insects are making a return after being dormant during winter. It’s a timely reminder to do what you can to avoid getting bitten, particularly with Ross River fever and other mosquito-borne diseases on the rise in our beautiful part