Why Crimsafe is the Best Choice for your home

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If you’re thinking of installing security doors or screens in your home, it’s wise to do your research to ensure that the product you are purchasing will do what it claims to, in terms of protecting your home.

As a trusted manufacturer and installer of Crimsafe, North Coast Blinds & Security understands the big difference between Crimsafe products and other inferior products that claim to provide the same level of security.

Completely unique, Crimsafe stands alone as the only security system which features tamper resistant screws driven through the metal clamp, through the mesh and into the frame.

Crimsafe products are put through ongoing rigorous testing and have consistently exceeded industry standards for strength and performance in the 20-plus years Crimsafe has been available.

Independent research conducted by the University of Queensland tested a wide range of security screens. Crimsafe exceeded the impact level required by Australian Standards and far out-performed competitor products, making it the strongest stainless-steel security system on the market.

Australian Standards set out the level of quality required for all products sold in Australia. Crimsafe passes or exceeds these standards for impact, jemmy and knife-shear testing to ensure the screens provide the highest level of protection against intruders.

Superior Strength Against Impact

The first impact delivered by an attacker is usually the most violent. Dynamic impact testing measures how well a security screen holds up to the full force of a criminal’s kicks, punches or charges. The force of impact is measured in ‘joules’.

When tested, Crimsafe screens stood up not just against an Australian Standard of 5 x 100 Joule (J) impact – but against singular impact levels reaching 550J (Crimsafe Regular), 750J (Crimsafe Ultimate) and 1200J (Crimsafe Commercial Applications).

Resistant to Knife Attack

Home intruders will often attempt to slash security screens with a blade to gain access to your home. All Crimsafe screens easily pass the Australian Standard Knife Shear Test, because they all come equipped with unique Tensile-Tuff® mesh – the industry leading 0.9mm, 304 grade high tensile structural grade stainless steel security mesh.

Tool Attacks – No Problem!

Lever tools (like screwdrivers) are popular among home invaders because some security screens have weak points in their construction – making it easy to lever apart the frame, lock or hinges.

But they’re no match for a Crimsafe screen. Years of development and rugged construction mean that all Crimsafe products meet Australian Standards in every section of the lever attack or jemmy test.

Too Tough to Pull Down

If they can’t use brute force to smash through a screen, criminals may try to attack the edges of a security screenand pull it from its housing.

The Australian Standard Pull Test investigates how well a security screen can withstand these kinds of attacks.

The unique Crimsafe Screw-Clamp technology ensures that the mesh can’t be pulled from the frame at all, and the rigid Tensile-Tuff® mesh guarantees no hand hold.

Warranties back Crimsafe Quality

Crimsafe products come with a minimum 10-year warranty and some products have an extended warranty of 12 and 15 years (Crimsafe Ultimate has a 15-year warranty).

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